Naga Cybersecurity

Naga Cybersecurity

Let us elevate your security

We Help You to have the Best Cybersecurity Possible. Your Security comes First, Second, Third to Us!

We have the experience and knowledge

Naga Cybersecurity is the next stage in development of Cybersecurity Consulting and Protection Management. We have a foundation based on over 30 years of securing the Enterprise Worldwide.

Under PT Dias Naga Alpha, Naga Cybersecurity provides IT Security services for businesses all around Indonesia. Along with its peer company, Naga Cyber Defense, together building a stronger defense.

What makes us better and different

With the help of our peer companies, we have the ability to support your business needs for better security and business continuity.

naga cybersecurity

Security is great by Cyber Resilience is better.  With 30 years of experience in Resiliency providing Global Services.  Let us help your business get Resilient.

We provide a Intranet with a SOC for Cloud to Endpoint plus everything in between.  Security based on today’s tools protecting against tomorrows threats hosted across Indonesian for your BEST Protection.

We are in Jogja for a reason.  We provide state of the art cyber & business management courses for you and your staff so that tomorrow holds no surprises for you.

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Various services provided that meet your business needs

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