Naga Cybersecurity

Naga Cybersecurity

Naga Cyber


We are your Learning Center for Advance Cyber Skills.  Come grow with us, a Indonesia for the AI Economy.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Learn how to use computing resources and skills in a manner that makes your job easier not harder. Please let us know how we can help you work smarter

Knowledge is based on skills and experience

Naga Cyber Academy is designed to provide you with critical Skills now via Role Based Training so that you get Experience while Learning

We hold the experience

Our staff has experience spanning back to the 1980s in Cyber (IT,OT, IoT).  We’ve worked in all types of businesses across Indonesia and globally. We understand the role you perform. We are able to tune our classes to enhance your knowledge quickly. This allows our students to perform at a higher level after they have completed training

Three platforms for training today


Quick Webinars of Explaination

Webinar Classes

Remote up to half day training

Classroom Based

Instructor led training up to 5 days

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