Naga Cybersecurity

Naga Cybersecurity


We understand security in the terms of Policies & Procedure, People and Technology.       A balance of these three tiers must be forged to ensure security works.

What we able to do

Our services are run by people who have Cyber Security training that goes from Level 1 to Level 7 of the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) model. We specialize in Security Operations, ISO Auditing and Staff Training with guidance from a CISSP Cyber Security Architecture.

End to End Security Architecture including Industry 4.0 requirements for Indonesia is available as part of our “Zero to Hero” program.

We also provide Application, Network and System level testing. We do Reverse Engineering and ISO 27001 preliminary audits to ensure you are ready for the Formal ISO 27001 review.

We have World Wide Security experiences which gives as the ability to help you develop a security program for your business that includes the latest best practices based on Cyber Kill Chain, PRE-ATT&CK, ATT&CK, ISO 27001 and the Cyber Security Framework.

How we work

Step 1

We define your cyber presence and we can define the dangers you specifically face in the cyber world.

step 2

We compare your protections against the threats you are currently facing, while ensuring adaptability for tomorrow’s threats.

Step 3

Together we define a road map to fulfill an achievable set of security goals based on the best practices that fit your business best.

Cyber Security Consultancy

We work as your Trusted Advisors and we work daily to maintain that trust.  Ensuring that you are moving forward in protection and compliance hand in hand is our goal.

Getting Secure should not be complicated nor expensive.  Cybersecurity done right should be transparent to the user, while actively blocking the intruder.  

Compliance is NOT Cybersecurity, but Cybersecurity  IS Compliance.  

Dev / Sec / Ops
INDI / Industry 4.0
Cloud & Mobile
OJK Compliance
INDI / Industry 4.0

Cyber Resilence

The combination of Reliability, Availability, Performance and Cybersecurity as core functions to a design and architecture model known today as Cyber Resilience.  We have been working with these core design principals since 1992.

We have been building core infrastructure world wide for 30 plus years based on Cyber Resilience  Best Practices.  We can move you from your current Security Maturity to Tomorrow’s requirements overnight.

Ask us how!

Virtual CISO

The Calvary is HERE!!  We ride the pale horse in support of your staff and Security team.  We are your mentors and backup to ensure that projects and solutions are built to Cyber Resilience and National Requirements.  

The first time done right is our goal.  We wish to help you provide solutions for your Business needs under budget and on time or ahead of schedule.  Safely, Correctly and Reliable on the first day to the last day you use the solution. 

We do all of the out of plan work for your team so, that they can be more successful at their daily jobs.

Data Protection

Data is the currency of today and tomorrow.  Is your data safe?  Do you know your employees and customers well enough to meet PDPL compliance?  

Do you have the right security policies and procedures in place to help your staff to correctly use whatever security tools you have in place for PDPL?

Do you understand the Rights of the Indonesian Data Subject and how those right must be PROTECTED by YOUR BUSINESS?

If you do not now the answers to these questions you need to call us now, right now, not later!

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