Naga Cybersecurity

Naga Cybersecurity

Webinar Series

We will be providing on a regularly scheduled series of Webinars on topics from PDPL to Cyber Resilience on a weekly basis.
Special Monthly topics will be added based on Industry and National Security events as they come up.
Please come back often to find out future Webinars of interest to you.

Regularly Scheduled Webinars

General Session

For the Citizens of Indonesia to understand how they are impacted by PDPL. Do you know what to expect from PDPL and how it is suppose to protect you?

Please join us to discuss o
n Tuesdays at 2 PM in Google Meet 

Business Session

Every Business in Indonesia is impacted by PDPL. Is your business ready to get compliant to PDPL?

Join us to discuss the hidden requirements to get compliant to PDPL on Thursdays at 2 PM in Google Meet 

Cyber Resiliency

A 21st Century Indonesia must be guided and protected by 21st Procedures, Policy and Technology.  How is your business moving into the 21st Century? Are you helping to build a Resilient Nation?  Come and learn how Resiliency for the digital world is needed today.  

Please join us to discuss o
n Fridays at 2 PM in Google Meet