Naga Cybersecurity

Naga Cybersecurity

About the company

The Background

Naga Cybersecurity is the next stage in development of Cybersecurity Consulting and Protection Management. We have a foundation based on over 30 years of securing the Enterprise Worldwide.

We know that Cybersecurity is always changing, it’s always evolving. Understanding these changes is what we do best. We work on a daily basis to tune our protections. To defeat the latest threats before they impact our customers.

We know the Protocols, the Regulations and the Best Practices of Cybersecurity, but we also know that these are fluid and change continuously. Allow us to help your organization understand what is new and how it impacts that which is old or new in your business. We specialize in handling change across the trinity of Security: People, Technology and Policy & Procedures.

Let us help you achieve your Security Goals in the most timely and cost effective manner that is right for your organization.

The Philosophy

Security is what we provide FIRST, SECOND and THIRD.


Provide World Class Cyber Security to our customers.


Work to help our National and World Internet be a safer place for the next generation.


Create World Class Individuals to be Leaders in Cyber Security to provide the foundation for Tomorrow’s Security.

The Vision

To provide a place where everyone can grow securely

The Mission

Fill the void of Cybersecurity knowledge in Indonesia and the world around us.

Be the trusted security advisers for our families, friends and customers that they can always count on.

Help guide each other in building balanced security, where the needs of few, do not out weigh the needs of many.