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Naga Cybersecurity

Cyber resilience

 Cyber Resilience is now the REQUIREMENT in INDONESIA for Cyber done RIGHT!

The Standard of Compliance

Cyber Resilience is the right way and only way you should be build your Cyber Business.

Cyber Resilience has been an industry standard since 2002. Born in the early 1990s as result of the Global Internet growth and increasing demands for Digital eCommerce.  

Cyber Resilience merges Reliability, Availablity, Performance and Security requirements with Business Needs, Wants and Desires to provide you with  standards of Architecture, Deployment/Development and Operations that work with not against your Business.

Indonesia in 2022 started to enforce Cyber Resilience under both Executive Order and Ministry Regulations.  In 2023 Cyber Resilience is a mandatory requirement that needs to be an added part of organizations Compliance and Planning guide books for the next 30 years to come if not more. 

Critical Infrastructure = Cyber Resilience

The foundation of our nation is Critical Infrastructure.

OJK Compliance

POJK 11-03-2022 Pascal 21 Requires the Deployment of Cyber Resilience to Financial Organizations in Indonesia

INDI / Industry 4.0

INDI 4.0 compliance is based on Cyber Resilence CSF and NIST 800 guidance for IT, OT and IoT.


The foundation of Patient care today is based on Telemedicine and Medical Appliances


e-Commerce, e-Currency what technology depends on Cyber more than these to keep Indonesia moving.

OJK Compliance

Brief OJK Compliance

All Indonesian Financial Institutions are required to begin the Implimentation of Cyber Resilience in 2022 with a 5 year plan provied to OJK in December of 2022.  For most institutions to be compliant with POJK-03-2022 a complete replacement of development standards for Mobile Apps, Data Centers and Business Operations will HAVE to be accomplished. Secure Software Development Frame (SSDF), Dev/Sec/Ops and continual operations after a major disaster are just a starting point for OJK compliance. 


Migration from man to machine

Market Advantage, Higher Returns and Lower Cost are common terms today around the factories of Indonesia.  Cyber tools are more and more being used on the factory floor to control cost and improve quaility.  As this happens we need to be more and more compliant to INDI 4.0 to ensure the factories inventments are not wasted by cyber attacks, insider threats or natural disasters.   Preventing the destruction of expensive equipment while keeping it highly available is why Cyber Resilience is the standard for compliance.


Patient Care is MANDATORY

The lost of state of the art TeleMedicince, Imaging Systems and Medical Patient Care Management systems to malware, insider threats and improper infrasturture designes is not acceptable.  Cyber Resilience for medical provides solutions and guidance to ensure that you keep handling patient care in the worse situations as long as you need to as keeping the power on is also a part of Cyber Resilience designs.


Protect the Economy

High Availability and Reliablity should not be lost while trying to provide performance.  Nor should security be lost to accomplish these three requirements. Starting with Cyber Resilience standards like NIST 800-160 with NIST 800-218 to design your infrasture and software delivery platforms reduces cost and development time.

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