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Data Protection

The most simplest thing to talk about but the hardest thing for your business to do.  We are here to advise you in the creation of your Data Protection Program.  

Data Protection Program

Data Protection refers to the processes and technologies used to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data. This includes measures such as encryption, backup and recovery, and access controls to protect data from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification, or destruction.

Data Protection laws and regulations, such as the PDP Law 27 of 2022 in Indonesia, also plays a role in protecting personal data and ensuring that organizations handle data responsibly.

Privacy laws such as PDP aim to protect individuals’ personal information and privacy rights. The impact of these laws can vary depending on the specific laws and how they are enforced. In general, privacy laws can have a positive impact by:

  • Providing individuals with control over their personal information and how it is used
  • Holding companies and organizations accountable for protecting personal information
  • Ensuring that personal information is used ethically and in compliance with the law
  • Creating penalties for companies that fail to comply with privacy laws, which can deter them from engaging in unethical behavior

On the other hand, privacy laws can also have negative impacts by:

  • Making it more difficult for companies and organizations to use personal information for legitimate purposes, such as to improve products or provide targeted advertising
  • Imposing costs on companies and organizations, which may be passed on to consumers
  • Creating confusion about what is and is not allowed under the laws

Overall privacy law is a complex topic with balance of benefits and drawbacks that can vary with different implementation and different context, but it is important in order to protect people’s personal information and privacy rights.

Our Objective is to help you find the balance between the benefits and the cost of protection to best protect your business and customers.

PDP Health Check LvL 1

Statement of Work: PDP Health Check LvL 1

Duration: 20 to 40 hours depending on Company Size / Follow-up / Briefing Time

Objective: With the passing of the RUU PDP in 2022. The level of protections for personal data protection and processing has greatly increased. Implementation of customer processes to define Data Processing Rules as defined in Chapter 2 of the RUU PDP will require in most cases custom solutions for each business.

The implementation of a Data Loss Program and the associated technical protections will require a change in business processes and controls. The Health Check is to look at current HR, Finance and IT processes and controls to determine best corrective actions and implementation path. The need is to reduce implementation time and cost of these improvements. Scope of staff training and security awareness will be reviewed for possible recommendations for improvements.

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